Training Follow Up

BidWrangler Training Follow Up

How to Reach Us:

Support Pages:

Setting Up Your Developer Accounts For Your App:

BidWrangler Catalog App:

Setting up a credit card payment system:

  • We strongly suggest using Choose one of the contacts below, and he or she will help you set up your Authorize account.

UMPA Credit Card Processing
Lori Cherry-Dobyns


Cardmaster Solutions
Randy Bregman


Best Practices for Auctions:

  • Create quality terms and conditions and have a lawyer review them
    • One for personal property
    • One for real estate
    • Be sure to outline in your terms what happens if your technology fails
    • Reserving the right to restart the auction from the point of failure
    • Extending the auction beyond its original end time
    • Begin ending personal property auctions between 6:30 PM and 8 PM
    • Limit auction to 2 hours if possible
  • Take high quality photos
    • Include details of product
    • Hallmarks
    • Serial Numbers
    • Damage
    • Model Numbers
  • Provide a preview for auction
    • Best preview time is a couple hours before auction ends 
  • Have a policy for pickup 
    • Days and times (keep these consistent if possible)
  • Have a policy for item(s) not picked up
  • Have a policy for disputed Items/Not as described

Recommended Email Marketing Software Platforms (utilize those bidder lists!)

The following are recommended products for simulcast auctions:


  • Logitech c920
  • Logitech c920 C


  • Shure Sm58s 
  • Sennheiser 935s 

Audio Interfaces

  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen)
  • Behringer UMC22