We offer the full spectrum:

We've built the first mobile-bidding platform for auctioneers that allows you to engage bidders on their smartphones as well as your website. Imagine your bidders, downloading and using your app, to bid in your auctions. Simple to use for both you and your bidders.

Our timed platform is blazingly fast. Bid prices update in real time assuring that no one misses their chance. The mobile app sends bidders outbid notifications on their phone which takes them right back into that item with one touch. Engagement of bidders has never been this direct

We build beautiful, fully responsive websites that integrate seamlessly with your bidding platform, making it easy for bidders to participate in your auctions right on your site. You'll choose from an array of design formats that we personalize with your brand and content.

Bidding with the app is really convenient. It’s easy to use and the registration process was simple. Using the mobile bidding, I bought an investment property while having lunch with my wife.
— BRENT B., Investor and Winning Bidder



Built on top of our powerful mobile-bidding platform, your app is customized with your logo, your colors and your auctions. We hide BidWrangler under the hood, allowing your company to get the attention.


With your branded app on their phone, you can keep your auction company in front of your bidders (150 times a day), on whatever OS they're using. You know what they say about location.


Remind your bidders about upcoming auctions using custom messaging. Don't let them forget or miss out. Receive bids from wherever they are on auction day. 


Max Bids

Simplifies pre- and proxie-bidding for you and your auction participants so they can be bidding in the live auction automatically.

Bidder Verification

BidWrangler gives you power and flexibility with credit card deposits, auction terms and conditions, and manual bidder approval, all with options that you can control.

Push Notifications

Notifications are those cool text-like messages that pop up on your phone's home screen, and you have the ability to send those to those who've downloaded your app. Tell them about an open house or remind them when an auction's starting. Say whatever you like, since you custom write the messages.

Message Dashboard

This is the place where you and your bidders can store all of the notifications that've come through the app.

Real-time Bid Speed

Using messaging technology and a simple interface designed for mobile makes bidding in your live auction easy and quick.

Live video

Stream live video. Provide your bidders with real-time live video from your simulcast auctions, all right from your smartphone.

Full Device Compatibility

Not only does the BidWrangler app work on Apple and Android smartphones, it can also be accessed from a web browser on desktops, laptops and tablets.


The ease of use is validated by the 9,000+ registrations in the first 30 days that we used BidWrangler. Our staff loves the efficient platform, our clients rave about the professional appearance of the app, and the buyers drool over the countless features that make bidding online an addictive experience.
— BEN YODER, Enlisted Auctions


All the same features as BidWrangler LIVE, with added functionality for TIMED auctions.

Personalized Branded App

Max Bids

WAVEBID Integration

Easy cataloging and invoicing using our seamless integration with Wavebid.

Staggered Close and Auto Extend

If the bidding on a specific auction item continues, that auction will stay open longer. Because the auctions are auto clerked, if bidding occurs within the last minute of the auction, it will automatically extend another 30 seconds before closing.

Outbid Notifications

Whenever a bidder no longer holds the highest bid, the app will send a notification to their phone. Users can tap the notification and it'll take them right back into the app so they can immediately bid again.



Beautiful Templates

You choose one of our design templates, selecting the best to handle your specific information. From there, we’ll personalize the site with your logo, images, colors, and content, ensuring you look your best.

Fully Responsive

Look professional on the device most of your clients use — their phones. Our sites automatically adjust to the full spectrum: phones, tablets and computers.


Content Management System

You’ll have access to a back end CMS that’s simple to use, making it easy for you to update your own website. Posting new auctions, changing your staff, or adding testimonials from your satisfied clients is as easy as composing a letter.

Customer Training

We make technology easy and help you master it. We provide “in-person” training on your CMS as well as tutorial videos for later reference. And we’re always here to answer questions.

Reliable Hosting

We work hard to prevent issues before they happen. That’s why we house your site on the same servers as Amazon. If something does go wrong, we are here to ensure it gets resolved in a timely manner.

Software Updates

Technology constantly changes, so we want to make sure your site stays current with web standards, search engine requirements and visitor expectations. 

Site Analytics

We’ll help you to track who’s visiting your site, what they’re reading and how long they stay via third party tools.

SEO Optimization

We want to make sure that your site will be found when users search for auctioneers in your area. We structure your site to help do just that.

Superior Customer Support

Need something? We answer. It’s that simple.


We’re very impressed with BidWrangler’s customer service and professionalism. The changeover from our old website to the new one was easy … and the site exceeded our expectations on appearance and how user friendly it is.
— JACK CHRISTY, JR, Christy’s of Indiana