Partner With Us

We want to change the auction industry by partnering with our customers to create technology solutions that make a difference. It is our mission to deliver the best possible customer service experience to our customers. 

Here are a few of the valued clients we serve:

John Genovese Jr., Malama Auctions

"Absolutely thrilled to share how much we have appreciated BidWrangler over the many years we've partnered with them. Their auction software has not only been a game-changer for Malama Auctions, making our processes smoother and more efficient, but the team has also become like family to us. Their unwavering support and dedication have truly felt like a partnership built on trust and mutual growth. Thank you, BidWrangler, for your outstanding service and friendship."

Josh Puffenbarger, Allied Auctioneers

"From the cutting edge technology to the best customer service, you guys are awesome!"

Alan Heldreth, Joe R. Pyle Auctions

"We have been very pleased with our Bidwrangler relationship. Outstanding customer support. Very streamlined trouble free platform."

Patrick Morgan, Patrick Morgan Auction Services

"We switched to BidWrangler and never looked back. Customer service is always excellent. The platform is super easy to navigate and BAM for cataloging just keeps getting better."

Samantha Obitz, Hansen Auction Group

"Your customer service and quick communication is always helpful when solving any issues. Our team appreciates you listening and providing updates to the software."

Jenny Gehl, Bravo Auctioneers

"Bidwrangler is an outstanding partner! And…. A+ Customer Service!"

John Helms, Sparrow Hill Auction & Real Estate

"BidWrangler has been helpful (and patient) with me as I start my journey toward a full-service auction firm. If you're shopping for an online platform, BidWrangler is the place to be!"

Skip Ritter, Dickensheet & Associates, Inc.

“BidWrangler was able to provide a fast, viable solution to our meet online needs. Since switching over to the BidWrangler online platform, our costs have gone down while sales have gone up. The response from our customers have been overwhelmingly in favor of the new bidding process with BidWrangler. We appreciate the level of support that we have received from the staff who have always been courteous and timely in their response. Dickensheet & Associate’s would highly recommend BidWrangler and the services they provide.”

Jackson Rogers, Rogers Auctioneers

“BidWrangler has been one of the best things to happen to our auction company. Their bidding platform is very user friendly, and has helped us elevate our company to the next level.  Our bidders love participating in our auctions, due to the simplicity of our website. Their staff have always been willing to help with any questions we have, and are all around just great people to deal with. I would highly recommend BidWrangler to anyone wanting to fortify their auction company. It was a big step for us, and we were very concerned if we were making the right decision, but it turned out to be the best decision we could have ever made.”

Christian Answini, Alderfer Auction

"Our experience with BidWrangler has been exceptional – from the innovative platform to the top-notch customer service. Your team makes managing auctions a breeze and truly sets the standard in the industry. Here's to many more years of success together!"

Linford Berry, Mountain Valley Auction Group

“Bidwrangler has been an integral part of our auction business since we started in 2016. They have always provided prompt and friendly service. They are constantly working to develop new features and make the user experience better for our bidders and for the backend applications."

Dan Newman, Alaska Premier Auctions & Appraisals

“BidWrangler has been instrumental in building our first-generation auction company from the ground up! Through their guidance, partnership and support, we are growing by leaps and bounds and well on our way to becoming the #1 auction company in our community!”

Sheldon Yoder, Enlisted Auctions

"The customer service at BidWrangler is top tier! It's great to know someone will answer your questions within hours (even minutes sometimes)!"

Alyssa Smith Arvidson, Lux Auctions

"We love BidWrangler! We have tried multiple platforms and BidWrangler has been the best overall for our company by far!"

Bernard Decombes, Tirhani Auctioneers

"I told one of our competitors that when you got the Rolls-Royce, why would we consider another platform? BidWrangler you make my job way easier. Thank you."

John Nicholls, Nicholls Auction Marketing Group

“We are thrilled with the service and quality of product that BidWrangler provides. We constantly get compliments on our website, as well as comments on the ease of use for our bidding app. The BidWrangler team is filled with top notch professionals who are the best at what they do; however, what separates them from any other auction technology provider is their service after the sale.”

T. Kyle Swicegood, The Swicegood Group, Inc.

"BidWrangler has been the best business partner I’ve ever had."

Brian Damewood, Damewood Auctioneers

"If you’re in the auction business and looking for a technology partner who’s in it to help grow your auction business, and not just add to their bottom line — BidWrangler needs to be your first call."

Jay Lawyer, JLawyer Auction Services

"Fantastic company, great customer support, ease of use for bidders and auction staff. BidWrangler is always improving their product and I highly recommend them."

Damien Massart, Massart Auctioneers

"BidWrangler is our premier choice due to its features, user-friendly interface, and awesome customer support. Awesome platform for managing auctions. BidWrangler streamlines the entire process ensuring efficiency and ease for both auctioneers and bidders. It has customizable options that cater to a wide range of auction types, whether live, online, or silent, accommodating all auction needs. BidWrangler is regularly updating its technology to incorporate the latest advancements in auction management. They have a reputation built on reliability and performance. BidWrangler is our auction management system & we say-Full send to BidWrangler! Love it!"

Michael Fortna, Fortna Auctioneers

“What do I love about BidWrangler? First and foremost, their commitment to making sure their customers are satisfied. Second, they have their thumb on the pulse when it comes to technology; and, lastly, their unique understanding of the auction industry and the business of their customers.”

Angela McGinn, The Consignors

"Our bidders rave about the platform and its ease of use! The helpline staff is always great about getting back to us with answers to questions. We're always learning new ways to save time on auction setup and maintenance."

Rich Ranft, Beloit Auction & Realty

"We were a successful auction company before BidWrangler but with their system, we became even more successful. The app is a game changer."

Brent Rhodes, Metro Auto Auction

"Thank you for all your help getting our first online auction up and running. It was a HUGE success!! I look forward to years of growth with BidWrangler!!"

Robert Bering, Bering Real Estate Co.

"We have been beyond impressed with the overall support from the BidWrangler team. Their customer service is unparalleled. We highly recommend BidWrangler to anyone looking for SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY for their auction company.”

Jim Green, Green Real Estate & Auction Co.

“The addition of BidWrangler Auction Management (BAM) software into the BidWrangler arsenal made an already great product even better. The ease of the cataloging app and the invoicing is a HUGE time saver. The fact that you can use the cataloging app on your mobile device OR desktop computer is a game changer and has sped up the cataloging process immensely. Invoicing is also extremely easy and the invoices are professional looking and customizable letting us add our own touch to them. If you couple all of these things with the outstanding customer service and communication with the BidWrangler team I would say people would be hard pressed to find a better company to partner with!”

Joel Gavaletz, Geyer Auction Company

"We just completed 125 auctions on BidWrangler in less than a year with over 12,000 unique bidders and over 42,000 auction registrations! We are very happy with the platform and results! Our only regret is not switching to BidWrangler much sooner!"

Mike Hoernke, 7bAuction

"We opened our own auction house and this led us to BidWrangler and becoming partners in this adventure. We have built a great customer base and keep as busy as we can handle. The partnership with BidWrangler has worked out well and has changed our lives. It is the best platform. Support is always just a quick call away and just an all around great team."

Paige Phillips, ProTEAMâ„¢ Auction

“BidWrangler is top notch! It is a true partnership. We are thrilled beyond belief and can’t imagine having our website and app with anyone else. It has been a great addition to our auction. Great group, highly, highly recommend!!”

David Klein, First Mid Ag

"BidWrangler has served us well as our preferred bidding platform across farmland auctions since we began online services in 2020!"

Clay Schaardt, Schaardt Auction Service

"Very professional company! They are always quick to answer my questions and offer a top notch service for auctioneers! Glad I made a switch to BidWrangler a couple years ago."

Rick Sammons, Bullseye Auction & Appraisal

“Auctions are fast paced and often there is no time to wait for help. BidWrangler’s response time has been unmatched by any other vendor in our industry. I cannot think of a time when I needed to speak to someone that I was not able to reach them. A major concern for us has been the protection of our bidders’ data. I have seen no indication of BidWrangler sharing that information with anyone else. I’m sure that information would be very valuable to many, but the integrity BidWrangler has exhibited with protecting that sensitive data has been greatly appreciated. To this date, we have experienced no problems, at all, with your platform. We get anxious about many things just before an auction starts, but the performance of the BidWrangler platform is not one of them.”

Kevin Borger, Generations Real Estate & Auction

“Thank you for developing an amazing tool for auctioneers. We have been extremely satisfied over the past two years with every aspect of the platform and the timely service and training you provide. Everyone I connect with at BidWrangler is professional and helpful. Our business has grown exponentially with the help of BidWrangler, that is why it so easy to recommend them to auctioneers wanting to take their company to the next level.”

Jared Chambers, Peoples Company

"The customer support from BidWrangler has been top-notch! When we have needed help, they've gone out of their way to give us the support we have needed. And our app is easy to use and looks great!"

Bridget Lavigne, Horse Auctions USA

"I joined BidWrangler late in the fall of 2021 and it was the BEST decision I ever made. I recommend it to everyone who reaches out about doing this for their own auction."

Dewey Jacobs, Target Auction Company

“When it comes to support, the BidWrangler team always delivers great customer care. Whether it be a custom feature development request or a reminder of how to use an existing feature, BidWrangler is happy to assist. They are committed to making sure all customers’ needs are met. BidWrangler offers reliability and a team of professionals ready to assist.”

Mark Manley, Wiregrass Auction Group

“The ability to offer our clients a seamless mobile bidding platform via an app that’s branded to our company is key. BidWrangler has stood side-by-side with us every step of the way. Their customer service and the energy of their staff is integral to our success!”

Carolyn Extine, Walnut Hill Auctions

"Being new to the industry, BidWrangler has been patient, kind, and extremely helpful since day one. I appreciate the expanded Support Articles and the addition of the PodCast and Group chats - so many resources to help our auction company grow and be our best! And when I need live help, I get answers quickly. Thanks BidWrangler! I literally couldn’t do this without you!"