Enabling auctioneers to do what they love.

We realize not everyone loves tech stuff like we do. But coming up with effective, easy-to-use mobile solutions for auctioneers … that's our passion. Just like helping sellers and making deals is yours. Technology changes quickly and we're proud to be a part of our clients' ability to take advantage of the opportunities it creates. Here are a few of the valued clients we serve: 


“The ability to offer our clients a seamless mobile bidding platform via an app that’s branded to our company is key. BidWrangler has stood side-by-side with us every step of the way. Their customer service and the energy of their staff is integral to our success!”

 MARK MANLEY, Weeks Auction Group

“We are thrilled with the service and quality of product that BidWrangler provides. We constantly get compliments on our website, as well as comments on the ease of use for our bidding app. The BidWrangler team is filled with top notch professionals who are the best at what they do; however, what separates them from any other auction technology provider is their service after the sale.”

JOHN NICHOLLS, Nicholls Auction Marketing Group

“BidWrangler has built a relevant mobile bidding platform that’s intuitive and simple to use — giving our bidders the power to engage in the auction even when they can’t make it to the live sale.”

JOSEPH MAST, RES Auction Services

"We have been beyond impressed with the overall support from the BidWrangler team. Their customer service is unparalleled. We highly recommend BidWrangler to anyone looking for SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY for their auction company.”

ROBERT BERING, Bering Real Estate Co.

“What do I love about BidWrangler? First and foremost, their commitment to making sure their customers are satisfied. Second, they have their thumb on the pulse when it comes to technology; and, lastly, their unique understanding of the auction industry and the business of their customers.”

MICHAEL FORTNA, Fortna Auctioneers

"The customer support from BidWrangler has been top-notch! When we have needed help, they've gone out of their way to give us the support we have needed. And our app is easy to use and looks great!"

JARED CHAMBERS, Peoples Company

"It is such a pleasure to be able to confidently speak with our clients about what we can do for them, show them and chat about the incredible independence, flexibility and functionality of our BidWrangler technology."

SHERRYL AND BRENT REID, Sold Outright, Canada

"The ease of use is validated by the 9,000+ registrations in the first 30 days that we used BidWrangler. Our staff loves the efficient platform, our clients rave about the professional appearance of the app, and the buyers drool over the countless features that make bidding online an addictive experience.”

BEN YODER, Enlisted Auctions

"I got a call the other day from a guy in Nashville. He said he was looking for an auction company in my area to handle his family’s estate. He told me that the main reason he called my company was because of the professional look of my website. Turns out he had a 400 acre farm with river frontage to sell.”

GREG HURST, Hurst Real Estate and Auction