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With BidWrangler, you have:


Not only will you be able to have complete control over your inventory and auctions, but you also manage the communications (including push notifications) that go out to your bidders. And all that customer data? You own it.


Instead of a percentage of every sale, you’ll be charged a flat, monthly service fee. Every additional sale you make means more money in your pocket — not ours.


We provide world-class customer service to every client. We even have a dedicated emergency line that reaches our team 24/7.

What ProTEAM™ Auction says about BidWrangler:

“Since we have been using our own white label with BidWrangler we have successfully completed 11 sales and have been nothing but satisfied with the service. The savings so far have totaled more than $31,000.

The fact that we are completely in control of the platform has made customer service for our clients a breeze. When something arises that we are still learning or are not sure on how to perform, all we have to do is send an email or call the help line and someone responds immediately with answers to our problem. Speaking from experience using other platforms, customer service is generally very brief and usually does not fix things. With BidWrangler, when you call, they get the treat you like family and make sure your issues are completely handled.

Bidders have been giving us great feedback on everything that our white label has been offering them. They say the app and website are easy to navigate and bid from.

Speaking from experience as a platform operator, the live stream option is also much easier to access than other platforms, and the auctioneer screen displays the bidding history for the current lot as well.

We haven’t thought twice about the decision we made to commit to our own white label app with BidWrangler.”

Tad Russell, Auction Manager/Auctioneer
ProTEAM Auction


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