Job Opportunities

Founded in 2013 by two forward-thinking, tech-savvy entrepreneurs, BidWrangler has fast become a respected name in the auction industry. Since their idea was born, the founders have secured multiple rounds of funding to help our thriving business along.

As each member expands the team, they’ve added to our company culture — one that’s focused on solving problems and building effective, beautiful tools. A typical work day rarely would be called typical and that’s the way we like it. Development can be fueled by coffee or beer, depending on the time of day, but whatever the hour, the work is punctuated with laughter and fun.

Currently, we're looking for a Customer Success Agent to expand our team. If you're interested, send a cover letter, along with your resumé to

Customer Success Agent

Goal: Provide uncommon customer care, project management and technology training to clients (with variable aptitudes) in the auction industry.

Job Duties:

  • Learn about the auction industry. Understand the customers and the problems they face as auctioneers. Be aware of what our competitors are doing.
  • Be a teacher. Have the ability to show prospective customers — of all technological experience — about BidWrangler, both in person and virtually. You’ll be traveling to auction trade shows to demo our product as well as using screen sharing resources to do so remotely.
  • Keep jobs moving. Using our CRM software and project management tools, you’ll assist in the intake of customers as we build their mobile and online tools. Problem solving will be ongoing.
  • Know our technology inside and out. The goal is to be able to train our customers how to use our platform. In addition, you’ll provide input on the creation of client resources (in conjunction with the Director of Design) to make client training easier.
  • Go above and beyond. Wow our customers with your willingness to be available to listen and respond to their concerns, ideas and software issues. And then solve said problems.

Requirements for applicants: 

  • Strong customer service orientation 
  • Strong problem-solving orientation
  • Technical aptitude
  • Ability to use customer and project management tools
  • Strong listening and oral communication skills 
  • Ability to work well in an open office environment

Compensation and Benefits

BidWrangler offers a competitive salary including money to cover a private health insurance policy. We work with intensity, but have an open policy for daily work schedule, vacation and sick days. In a nutshell, honor your team, make impressive contributions, and be available when you’re depended on but other than that time off is important. Take at least two weeks … take what you need to stay sharp enough to make your team stronger. BidWrangler is an ownership culture. We grant an equity position in our company because we want everyone to profit from the long-term success that our efforts produce.

We recently filled the Senior Software Engineer position.

Goal: Full-stack ownership of the BidWrangler platform and app technologies (HTML/CSS, rails, grape, angularjs, phonegap, and others) powering robust and scalable solutions that deliver value to customers in the auction industry.

Job Duties:

  • Keep innovating. Add APIs and build features into the BidWrangler platform and mobile apps across the entire stack; visual work (with design support) as well as platform/backend work.
  • Talk to customers. Work directly with key customers to define feature needs, answer questions about our technology, and scope/build product integrations.
  • Try to break it. Improve testing, quality, and monitoring of BidWrangler code. We need to have high confidence that everything is functioning flawlessly for our customers.
  • Obsess over security. One of our key assets is trust. Be willing to lose sleep over whether we’ve done everything in our power to protect the data and integrity of the bidding experience for our customers.
  • Monitor, architect, and build for scale. Position us so that we never get blind-sided by a scaling problem. Hundreds of auctions closing with thousands of bidders bidding at the same time?  No problem!
  • Build durable and recoverable systems. Lose one of the hosts in our fleet? No one notices.  Database failure? Back online with no data loss in minutes.
  • Work short term and think long term. Share the load of the ditch digging day-to-day and when it makes sense, find brilliant ways to be lazier and more efficient.
  • Be a technology maven. Become versed in new mobile and platform technologies and help us to stay on the leading edge.
  • Play well with others. Work with the website team to make sure that we have a coherent platform for both our bidding/auctions as well as websites.
  • Learn about the auction industry. Understand the customers and the problems they face as auctioneers. Be aware of what our competitors are doing.

Requirements for applicants: 

  • Master-level proficiency in at least one language (Ruby/Rails, Javascript/Node, Python, etc.)  used to deliver modern web+mobile applications.
  • 5+ years of experience and a demonstrable track record of delivering high quality, well regarded, robust applications.
  • Creative problem solving, courage, and composure to find solutions to problems with which you have no previous experience or examples.
  • Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills. Use your expertise, communication skills, and influence to make everyone on your team achieve even better results.
  • Ownership mentality. We don’t hire people that just need a job. We hire people vested in the long-term performance and financial success of BidWrangler.