Q4 2023 Updates

Q4 2023 Updates

We want to share some new releases with you:

Update #1:

Update #2: 

Update #3: 

  • The VIN lookup feature has been added to the BidWrangler catalog app! You can now easily add VIN numbers while cataloging on the go, and the item name and description will be autofilled for you.
  • We have a new Seller Settlement Report found within individual seller settlements. Learn more here: https://support.bidwrangler.com/article/256-new-settlement-report-summary-feature
  • In the clerking screen, you may now place items with quantities into a choice group. (Please note that this does not allow a clerk to sell portions of that quantity to multiple bidders; the buyer is being sold that item x the multiple from within choice)
  • We've increased precautions around being able to email all invoices. Now, in the invoices menu, you will need to add a filter for the auction you're working on before you can email invoices out. You will also see a new pop-up message that will show you how many invoices you're about to email so you can confirm that's the action you'd like to take. 

Update #4: 

  • You'll notice a new "download our app" banner when viewing the bidding platform in a mobile browser. This banner will prompt bidders to download your app.
  • In our bidder’s choice feature, we’ve added a new option - “choice in order.”
  • Invoices can now feature "paid" or "unpaid" watermarks. This setting can be enabled under "invoice settings" in the admin portal.
  • Blocked bidders can now be recognized more easily within the admin portal. There will be a symbol next to their name and then a red banner will appear when you click into their user account.
  • You can now download the Auction Progress report as a csv file. 
  • You can now add seller buybacks to invoices and settlements - https://support.bidwrangler.com/article/260-how-do-i-use-seller-buy-backs

Update #5: 

As always, if you have any questions, please send us an email (helpdesk@bidwrangler.com) or give us a call (844-296-8727 × 2).