Q3 2023 Updates

Q3 2023 Updates

Update #1:

As BidWrangler Auction Management (BAM) tools have evolved, it has been important to our customers to have historical logs of changes made in various places. With that in mind, we are upgrading invoices and settlements in BAM to fall more in line with common accounting practices. You can find a support article for the invoice and settlements change here. If you have any questions about this invoice and settlement update, please reach out to us at helpdesk@bidwrangler.com before sending out any invoices through BAM , and we’ll be happy to walk you through it.

Update #2:

You can now add a chat feature to your bidding platform and app. Contact us to learn more!

Update #3:

You can now:

  • edit your seller numbers
  • add seller name as an option for export
  • distinguish between live/online buyer’s premiums
  • import registrations from other platforms
  • duplicate auctions

Update #4:

  • Live auction tools (live auction clerking and live bidder registration) are here! Contact us if you would them enabled for you. 
  • You can now import sales results from other platforms into BidWrangler

Update #5: 

  • Bidders can now raise their own bids (this is a company setting you must enable in order to use)

And a reminder: 

  • If you have not joined BidWrangler Community yet, we highly encourage you to do so! BidWrangler Community is an invite-only space for our clients to share referrals, learn about our new features and releases, participate in live webinars with us, and more! Send us an email if you'd like to learn more, or if you need us to resend your invitation.