Get more bids with mobile real time bidding. (No refreshing needed)

"The ease of use is validated by the 9,000+ registrations in the first 30 days that we used BidWrangler. Our staff loves the efficient platform, our clients rave about the professional appearance of the app, and the buyers drool over the countless features that make bidding online an addictive experience.”

— BEN YODER, Enlisted Auctions

Bring your bidders with you.

We can import your bidders' emails, bidder numbers and passwords so that logging into the new platform doesn't require them to re-register. 

More features on the admin side.

Create, edit and delete bids for bidders; look up a past item and see exactly who bid on it and export that list for marketing; change reserves on the fly; extend the end time of an auction … the list goes on.

Outbid notifications to bidders.

When your bidders are outbid, they will immediately get a notification sent to their phone that lets them know. If they swipe that message it takes them directly to the item to bid again. 

Keep your catalog process.

We have great tools for cataloging BUT if you are already used to doing it one way, you don't have to change. Simply import your data without having to retrain your staff. 

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