Marketing Tip #5: Advertising with Facebook

The last marketing tip we shared focused on using Facebook in general, as well as how to boost a post you've created. We'd like to continue to expand your knowledge of this social media site by sharing some tips on how to make a custom ad.

When creating an ad, the first step will be to choose your objective. Here are the options:

  1. Boost your posts
  2. Promote your Page
  3. Send people to your website
  4. Increase conversions on your website
  5. Get installs of your app
  6. Increase engagement in your app
  7. Reach people near your business
  8. Raise attendance at your event
  9. Get people to claim your offer
  10. Get video views

We'd suggest concentrating on either getting installs of your app or sending people to your website…it's entirely up to you. There's not too many more steps after that … we've recorded a short video showing an example of creating an ad to get installs of your app. Just click on the image below to watch:

If you prefer your information in written form, we found a great resource here:

We don't have any new graphic resources for you on this one since the images from last time will work here as well. But if you'd like a totally new image, we recommend checking out They're affordable and have some great stuff.

As always, give us a shout if you need help.

Happy marketing,
The BidWrangler Team